Compass Surveying, Inc. , was founded to facilitate the development industry specifically, and specializes in satisfying the needs of private property and business owners with construction ideas.

Compass Surveying, Inc. works closely with architectural, engineering and construction contractors in the development of surveys for site plans, plats and construction. Compass Surveying also provides the necessary information for state, city, and county zoning departments to obtain the proper permitting. This process includes surveying the original parcel of land and providing current physical elements that the architectural/engineering firms and construction contractors utilize in planning and building. Compass Surveying, Inc. continues to be an integral part of any job, until the job is finalized. This process includes “as-built” surveys of the completed buildings.

Compass Surveying, Inc. is a service organization, and as such we utilize a mission statement and guiding principles to keep our focus on our priorities. We share this information with you so that you will understand our values and goals in considering if we are an appropriate fit for your project.

Thank you for choosing Compass Surveying!