Planning and Development Activities
Project Finalization
From Beginning Development
Compass Surveying, Inc. works closely with architecture firms, and construction contractors and helps properly place structures for development within the land parcel. Compass Surveying also provides the necessary information for state, city, county zoning to obtain the proper permitting. This process includes surveying the original parcel of land, and providing real world data, that the architectural firms, and construction contractors use directly to build.

To The Final Phase
Compass Surveying, Inc. continues to be an enterical part of any job until the job is finalized. This process includes final survey of the completed build on the parcel of land.
Compass Surveying Services
Expect More ... Did You Know ?
Here is just a partial list of services Compass Surveying, Inc provides to our clients and community.
  Obtaining Permits
  Land Planning
  Original Land Survey - Final Land Survey
  Additions (Residential)
  Additions (Commercial)
  City, County and State Compliance/Regulations

Did you know that Compass Surveying can help with the obtaining of most permits?

Did you know that Compass Surveying can help with compliance?