Compass Surveying, Inc. is commited to Integrity.
An honest approach to business is crucial in any transaction or activity. We maintain a high ethical code that influences our communications with clients, our performance in the field and office and our interactions with our employees. Dependable, professional service is the cornerstone of our company.

Compass Surveying, Inc. is commited to Quality.
Through extensive knowledge and the utilization of the latest technology, every aspect of a job is thoroughly checked for accuracy. Compass Surveying, Inc. knows that a quality product is key to any successful operation, and excellence is a focus for every staff member of our corporation.

Compass Surveying, Inc. is commited to Long-term Client Relationships.
Our greatest assets are our clients, and each client is given priority status regardless of the job size. From single-family residential projects to high-rise developments, every customer is treated with respect, courtesy and given the time that is needed to see a job from start to finish. We operate on the basis of open communications, and want to have a partnership with you that is mutually beneficial and productive, now and in the future.

Compass Surveying, Inc. is commited to its Employees.
By creating a positive working environment for our staff that encourages personal enrichment, we develop employees that are dedicated to our goals for not only our clients, but also our company. By treating our employees with respect and encouragement and by providing training and growth opportunities, they thrive in an affirmative environment that challenges and motivates them. Our commitment to them creates skilled, dedicated professionals who care about their work.

Compass Surveying, Inc. is commited to Maintaining Stability and Finiancial Strength.
By using the latest technology and trained staff, we are able to provide the most cost-efficient use of our staff time and create an added value to our work products. We offer a complimentary mix of surveying products based on our anticipation, evaluation and proactive planning for industry trends. This combines to make Compass Surveying, Inc. one of the fastest growing land surveying corporations for private use, development and construction in the south Florida region.